Jinny Beyer, Around the World, quilt 82"

látky k sešití Quiltu, originál JInny Beyer

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balení obsahuje krabici anglických látek Jinny Beyer a návod na vytvoření quiltu 82 x 82 ", tj. 210 x 210 cm. Návod je v angličtině.  This stunning quilt takes you on an international quiltmaking journey. The medallion-style quilt has two center options -- the Mariner's Compass and a simpler star center for less advanced quilters. The pattern book includes bonus patterns for travel accessories, gourmet food recipes and a passport you can stamp after completing each lesson. (See the sample page.)

The quilt is constructed using a variety of machine and hand piecing techniques. Twelve lessons take you through all the basics of patchwork.

Kód Kód: 54
Jméno značky: Jinny Beyer
Kategorie: Patchwork